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5 Months Apart: A Story of Infertility, Faith, and Grace

5 Months Apart: A Story of Infertility, Faith, and Grace

Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. 2017

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Product Description

My girls aren't twins, though they look remarkably alike. They were conceived in the same month but born five months apart. Despite the years of pain we endured living with infertility and struggling to adopt, these girls are the miracle that happened when we gave in to God's plan. My journey to becoming a mother wasn't an easy one, and it certainly wasn't glamorous. I was nearly destroyed by miscarriage and equally as devastated by the adoption process. Our fight to become a family played out on the set of a local network news program every morning. I smiled through the pain as a TV anchor while my dreams of becoming a parent seemed to bleed away year after year. Infertility and adoption brought me to my knees, but that's where the Lord found me and taught me to stop hiding. 5 Months Apart is intended to help families come out of our society-imposed seclusion, to ask for help and to believe in the ultimate happy ending: a successful pregnancy and a blessed adoption. Throughout, the underlying message is faith, honesty, and enduring grace. Lindquist's story will show you that, no matter what path you're on, there is hope, healing, and even miracles when you give in and let God lead.

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  • Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.
  • ISBN: 1944430962
  • ISBN-13: 9781944430962
  • SKU: 9781944430962
  • Release Date: January 6, 2017

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