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Unfinished: Filling the Hole in Our Gospel

Unfinished: Filling the Hole in Our Gospel

Thomas Nelson Publishers 2014 Paperback

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Product Description

Believing Is Only the Beginning

Do you long for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life? Do you believe all the right things, go to church, and faithfully read your Bible, still feeling that something is missing? You may be right.

Two thousand years ago Jesus gave an urgent assignment to his followers right before he left. At its essence it was not just an invitation to believe; it was a bold call to action. It was a challenge to go into the world to reclaim, reform, and restore it for Christ.

Simply stated, the message of this book is that God has invited you to join him in this world-changing mission. And if you are not personally participating in God's great endeavor, you could be missing the very thing he created you to do.

Best-selling author Rich Stearns invites you not just to stand on the sidelines but to get into the game. That is when the adventure begins.

""Unfinished," just might challenge everything you thought you understood about your Christian faith. "Unfinished "is a call to finish the job Christ gave his church to do. If every Christian read this book and took it seriously, the world would never be the same again."--Bill Hybels, senior pastor, Willow Creek Community Church; and chairman, Willow Creek Association

"Just when I've gotten comfortable with my faith, here comes Rich Stearns, reminding me what matters and who God loves and why. Just when my world is the way I want it, Rich reminds me the world is not the way God wants it. Hungry families. Malnourished kids. Just when I dare think my work is done, Rich reminds me that we are just getting started. First in "The Hole in Our Gospel," now in "Unfinished," Rich gives me a kind, gracious kick. Thanks, Rich. (I think.)"--Max Lucado, pastor and best-selling author

"Okay, admit it: sometimes you wonder . . . don't you? Is this it? The life you're living. Is there more? From his journey in corporate and nonprofit leadership--in very good causes--Rich Stearns concludes there is, indeed, more. More purpose. More meaning. More life. In "Unfinished "you will discover how your life can be about more."--Elisa Morgan, author; speaker; publisher, FullFill; and president emerita, MOPS International

"Rich Stearns has done it again In this winsome, engaging, and challenging book, he calls us back to some of the key issues of what it means to be followers of Christ in a world full of distractions and false gods. This is a book for everyone, about finding the place of our calling in God's global mission. It is a book about fulfillment, adventure, and a lifetime of transformation. It made me hungry for more of the life God has in store for us."--Dr. Stephen Hayner, president, Columbia Theological Seminary

"Your story can be a part of the Great Story. Rich Stearns knows the story and lives the story. "Unfinished "may call you to the greatest chapter of your life."--John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church; and author, "Who Is This Man?"

"Insightful and inspirational work from one of the most important evangelical voices of our time. Rich Stearns reminds us about God's initiative in the world and shows] that we are privileged to participate in God's unfolding story in the world. With powerful stories and practical solutions, "Unfinished "directs us out of our passivity toward an active and authentic faith."--Soong-Chan Rah, author, "The Next Evangelicalism"; and Milton B. Engebretson Associate Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism, North Park Theological Seminary

"Rich Stearns has lived out this dream like no one else I know, turning his faith into action--transforming his first-half life of corporate success to following a life aligned with God's purposes on behalf of the world's poorest people. If you are a faithful Christian who feels something is still missing in life, this is the book for you."--Bob Buford, founder, Leadership Network; and author, "Halftime "and "Finishing Well"

"The kingdom is both already and not yet, the work of Christ both finished and to be completed. Stearns reminds readers of every Christian's responsibility to live on mission, in light of Jesus' example and call. Richard shows us by his life, the ministry he leads, and the passion of this book that there is much to be done and we are to be a part of God's grand plan."--Ed Stetzer, president, LifeWay Research; and author, "Subversive Kingdom"

"Rich has written another beautiful book. It's an invitation from a good friend to sit together by the fire and have an honest talk about life, passion, purpose, and Jesus. You can't read this book and not have the coals in your faith stirred as you consider once again just how purpose-filled a life following Jesus can be."--Bob Goff, "New York Times "best-selling author, "Love Does"; and founder, Restore International

"In "Unfinished "Rich Stearns reminds us eloquently that when Jesus preached his gospel--the gospel of the kingdom of God--he was giving us a call to action. It's not an easy call, for it requires that we enter into the heartache and suffering of the world. But Rich clearly illustrates through Scripture, as well as through his own experiences, that when we enter into that suffering, we find ourselves in the center of Jesus' mission and in the center of our own purpose for living. Every disciple of Jesus should read this book."--Lynne Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church

"Every generation of Christians needs a wake-up call to remind us of how serious and strenuous are the demands of discipleship. May Rich Stearns's "Unfinished "be that alarm for our time."--David Neff, editorial vice president, "Christianity Today"

"Do you ever battle with a deep sense of dissatisfaction in your life, a knowing that you were made for more? In a world that still peddles the lie that more "stuff "will fulfill us, Rich points us to the truth that in losing ourselves for the sake of the kingdom of God, we will find ourselves. Believing in Christ is just the starting line; running the race is what we were made for."--Sheila Walsh, author, "God Loves Broken People"

""Unfinished" is a clarion call to become true disciples of the Jesus who healed the sick, welcomed the outcast, and upended the paradigms of his day with the good news of God's coming kingdom. It is an invitation to become ambassadors and agents of this new kingdom--men and women who both proclaim and enact the love of God that is making all things new."--Mike Yankoski, refugee in the kingdom of God; itinerant speaker; and author, "Under the Overpass"

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  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • ISBN: 0529101149
  • ISBN-13: 9780529101143
  • SKU: 9780529101143
  • Release Date: January 14, 2014
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
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  • Width: 5.90 inches
  • Length: 8.90 inches
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