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Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy

Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy

Jossey-Bass 2010 Paperback

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Product Description

Praise for Amish Grace

"A story our polarized country needs to hear: It is still grace that saves."--Bill Moyers, Public Affairs Television

"In a world where repaying evil with evil is almost second nature, the Amish remind us there's a better way. In plain and beautiful prose, Amish Grace recounts the Amish witness and connects it to the heart of their spirituality."--Sister Helen Prejean, author, Dead Man Walking

"Faced with the notorious Amish aversion to publicity, reporter after reporter turned to the answer one question: How could the Nickel Mines Amish so readily, so completely, forgive? While the text provides a detailed account of the tragedy, its beauty lies in its discovery of forgiveness as the crux of Amish culture. Never preachy or treacly, it suggests a larger meditation more than apt in our time."--Philadelphia Magazine

"This balanced presentation . . .blends history, current evaluation of American society, and an examination of what builds community into a seamless story that details the shootings while it probes the religious beliefs that led to such quick forgiving. Recommended." --Library Journal

"Professors Kraybill, Nolt, and Weaver-Zercher have written a superb book--a model of clear, forceful writing about a tragedy and its aftermath. They have an obvious affection for the Amish yet ask tough questions, weigh contradictions, and explore conundrums such as how a loving God could permit schoolgirls to be massacred." --National Catholic Reporter

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 0470344040
  • ISBN-13: 9780470344040
  • SKU: 9780470344040
  • Release Date: March 22, 2010
  • Pages: 267
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Height: 0.80 inches
  • Width: 6.04 inches
  • Length: 9.00 inches
  • Weight: 0.78 pounds

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