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Woman, Thou Art Blessed: A 90 Day Devotional Journey

Woman, Thou Art Blessed: A 90 Day Devotional Journey

by T.D. Jakes

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The Power to Transform

Is Within You!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah 1:5 God taught me an important lesson about transformation through my twin boys. Children are excellent teachers. They were playing with a truck, then the next time I looked it was an airplane. I asked, “What happened to the truck you were playing with?” They explained, “Daddy, this is a transformer!” I then inquired, “What is a transformer?” Their answer brought me into the Presence of the Lord. They said, “It can be transformed from what it was before into whatever we want it to be!”

Suddenly I realized that God had made the first transformer! He created man from dust. He created him in such a way that, if need be, He could pull a woman out of him without ever having to reach back into the dust. Out of one creative act God transformed the man into a marriage. Then He transformed the marriage into a family, the family into a society, etc. God never had to reach into the ground again because the power to transform was intrinsically placed into man (and woman!). All types of potential were locked into your spirit before birth. For the Christian, transformation at its optimum is the outworking of the internal. God placed certain things in you that must come out. Daughter, you house the prophetic power of God. Every word of your personal prophetic destiny is inside you. He has ordained you to be!

It is God who works out the internal destinies of men and women. He gives us the power to become who we are eternally and internally. What Christians so often refer to asgrace truly is God’s divine enablement to accomplish predestined purpose. When the Lord says to Paul, “My graceis sufficient for you...” (2 Cor. 12:9), He is simply stating that His power is not intimidated by your circumstances. It is important that each and every vessel God uses realize that they were able to accomplish what others could not only because God gave them the grace to do so. You are empowered by God to reach and accomplish goals that transcend human limitations!

PURPOSE POINT: You house the prophetic power of God. Every word of your personal prophetic destiny is inside you.

TRANSFORMATION MOMENT: Mighty woman of God, God placed a prophetic destiny inside of you. He has a great purpose for your life. If you are weary from trying to unlock our own resources, come to the Lord, receive Him, and allow Him to release in you the power to become The Power to Transform Is Within You! whatever you need to be. He will show you your purpose afresh. God is the One who made you. He knows your potential. He also knows everything you’ve been through, and He’s not worried. He is giving you the grace and power to become who you really are and fulfill your destiny. As you embark on this journey, invite the Holy Spirit to awaken your spirit to His voice again. Ask God to remind you of your prophetic destiny. Who does He say you are? What has been hidden that He wants to release through this transformation process?

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