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Caroline Leaf

Caroline Leaf

Since 1981, Dr. Caroline Leaf has researched the human brain with particular emphasis on unlocking its vast untapped potential.

She has been received all over the world by a variety of audiences due to her unique ability to link the scientific principles of the brain to intellectual and emotional issues in a simple and practical way.

Through years of research she developed the Geodesic Learning® theory (brain-compatible learning) which is a scientifically and statistically proven approach to thinking, teaching and learning.

She has also developed the unique Switch On Your Brain™ 5-Step Learning Process and the Metacognitive-Map® as a learning tool and she has presented her learning theory and Metacognitive-Map courses to over than 100,000 students worldwide.

She has published articles in academic journals and consumer magazines and has been widely interviewed in newspapers, on radio and on television about her research and theories.

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