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Pamela Kennedy

Pamela Kennedy

Pamela Kennedy grew up in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from the University of Washington, then launched out with her Navy husband to visit a variety of home ports in the U.S. Writing was a portable career that traveled well and allowed her to hang around the house with her growing family. After leaving the Navy, the family put down roots in Honolulu, Hawaii for several years where Pam enjoyed teaching at a girls' school. Recently retired, both she and her husband have returned to Seattle to be closer to their adult children and their families. When she's not playing with her grandchildren, Pam continues to write essays and hymn stories for IDEALS Magazine as well as inspirational and devotional books for children and adults. She has also collaborated with her daughter, Anne Kennedy Brady on several children's books.
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5-Minute Bedtime Stories                Not Released
5-Minute Bedtime Stories
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Otter B Honest                          Add to Cart
Otter B Honest
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Otter B Kind
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Otter B Brave
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Otter B Helpful
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Otter B Taking Turns
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Otter B Trustworthy
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Joy to the World                        Add to Cart
Joy to the World
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You Can Do It, Bunny                    Add to Cart
You Can Do It, Bunny
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Night-Night, Bunny                      Add to Cart
Night-Night, Bunny
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