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Omar Aranda

Omar Aranda

Omar Aranda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 16, 1963. He began at an early age in a study of comic Buenos Aires with artists Gustavo Trigo and Alberto Saichann later developed and completed his studies at the National School of Fine Arts "Beato Angelico", also conducted painting workshops. His career began in 1992, carrying out worked designing scenery for theatre and television for the mainstream media. In 1995, as an artist freelancer, integrates the staff of DC comics for publications Animaniacs and Looney Tunes, also begins to work for Disney Studios in publications of children’s books. In 2003 started his own studio consisting of numerous artists collaborating in this way with numerous publishers in the world for various publishing projects. From 2007 to date is represented by "The Illustrators Agency " and through them published numerous books for the most popular publishing companies: Zondervan, Harper Collins, Hinkler Books, Pearson , OUP name a few.
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