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Ben Abraham

Ben Abraham

Ben Abraham was born into a family of traditional, strict and conservative Episcopalians (Anglican Communion). He may have been excused if he had thought that he had too much Christianity with devotions every morning and evening at home, Christian elementary school, two devotions daily in Grammar School - the first at 5.00am in the hostel and the second at School Assemblies ending before 8.00am. Post Secondary even came complete with Chapel before 8.00am and vespers at 7.00pm. Then he had a transformation which he never tires of stating: "Chapel was interesting, somewhat funny with Rev. Childerstone and his inspiring expositions on St. John's Gospel. But there was an itinerant preacher/teacher/counselor of the Scripture Union who made occasional calls. It seemed, he had an inner light which radiated palpably all over his person. He was transparently calm, confident and good natured. His diction and inflections were flawless. He had an uncommon depth of wisdom. He had a response to baffling questions. There was something about him that visibly moved his hearers and touched them to the core. On one of his visits -- back there in the sixties - as he spoke and quoted Bible passages, something happened. Somehow, about 4.00pm on a balmy autumn evening, somewhere in that chapel, something changed. When I stepped out of the chapel that day, the world looked strangely different. My world was forever changed by the touch of Christ. This mysterious change has remained unshakable even through periods of lukewarmness and nights of the soul. "It was a change that has progressively imparted to me: priceless wisdom, a sure-footedness about my sense of worth as a child of the Most High God, abiding faith in the inerrancy of God's ways and designs, unfathomable grace and continued mercy of God, rock-solid confidence in him as unto a faithful God, unassailable righteousness and life without an end! I testify to the love that seeks and finds even when the lost does not know enough to seek God. His presence has intruded upon my sleeping and waking moments; I have seem him; I have heard his voice; I have trusted and tested and tried what I have; I know, beyond the shadows of a doubt that JESUS IS LORD." Spurred by experience across the whole spectrum of the Christian church, wisdom from the Master that accepts all comers without pre-conditions and an illumination that seeks the heart of Christ in his words, he has brought these gifts to bear in ministry, teaching and writing. His book: From Heaven with a Shout! reflects this untiring stance to go beyond differences of denominations, interpretations and labels to how the believer must prepare for the Rapture and end-time events in order to be worthy of the glory of God at Christ's appearing. Ben Abraham is married with three children. He teaches Bible Class and assists the Pastor in his local church. He considers himself just a layman and a witness to Jesus Christ.
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